Bridget Burns to Keynote Student Success Conference

By The UIA Team
June 13, 2019
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Talk about powerful networks. NASPA is the largest student affairs community in the United States. Student affairs encompasses a dizzying array of key functions in higher education: admissions, academic advising, financial aid, residence life...

Because of their close proximity to the services and processes that form a huge part of the entire college student experience, student affairs professionals are among those best positioned to introduce the small-yet-impactful changes we’re always talking about at the UIA: those that can result in exponentially more students completing college each year.

That’s why we’re so excited that University Innovation Alliance Executive Director Dr. Bridget Burns will be delivering the keynote address to NASPA’s inaugural First-Generation Student Success Conference this month. The event is aimed at exploring evidence-based ways student affairs professionals can support first generation college students and promote their success. The conference is happening this weekend in Orlando, Florida (June 16 to 18).

Dr. Burns’ address is titled “Closing the Gap: Faster, Together.” She’ll be sharing some specific ways the UIA has been able to achieve dramatic improvements in the number of Pell-eligible students graduating from its eleven higher ed institutions.

On Sunday participants will also have a chance to hear UIA fellows discuss the UIA MAAPS program, a four year study of proactive advising for 10,000 Pell-eligible first generation students. The panel is entitled “Analytics, Advising, and Alliances: How 10,000 Students are Changing Advising Practices.” It will share key program insights and feature UIA delegates from Georgia State University, Oregon State University, Purdue, and University of Central Florida.

Get more details on the NASPA conference here

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