Watch Our ASU GSV Panels Online

By University Innovation Alliance
April 27, 2016
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Last week we attended the 2016 ASU GSV Summit — or "Davos in Diego" as it's sometimes called — and wanted to share the archived video livestreams of our panels, particularly the popular Wednesday session, "Collaboration: the Next Force for Disruption," which also went by the title "Fast University: New Perspectives on Accelerating Innovation in Higher Ed" or as Arizona State University President Michael Crow dubbed it, "Fast University: No Longer an Oxymoron." 

In addition to Michael Crow, the discussion featured Georgia State University President Mark Becker and our own Executive Director Bridget Burns as well as Inside Higher Ed Editor Doug Lederman as moderator. 

It was a candid, lively exchange in which these leaders shared their most practical, on-the-ground strategies for introducing and scaling real innovation more quickly than what's usually possible at large, public research universities — including some recent successes in this area. 

We also recommend checking out Doug Lederman's think piece on the entire ASU GSV Summit experience and how it tends to mirror certain themes and dynamics in the space as a whole including some of the communication challenges between ed tech and higher ed.

In a similar vein, this recent EdTech piece by our own Executive Director Bridget Burns addresses those challenges and provides some helpful "tough love" suggestions to ed tech about how to get more traction in the higher ed space.  Finally, we want to point out that blogger Casey Green recorded a great series of interviews with many of the ASU GSV Summit's most interesting speakers, including a discussion with our own Bridget Burns