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Innovate with Us at the University Innovation Alliance’s National Summit

Innovate with Us at the University Innovation Alliance’s National Summit

Students urgently need higher ed to transcend its competitive culture and become a true catalyst for talent and social mobility. We know there's no time to waste - students can't pay the price for our slow pace of change. The future of our students and the economic competitiveness of our country require that institutions across our sector work together to make high-quality college degrees affordable, accessible, and student-centered.

Innovation and Collaboration

The UIA is focused on supporting institutional collaboration that benefits students. Our work seeks to:

  1. Ignite inspiration, strategic thinking, and resilience among higher ed leaders, driving tangible progress within their campus communities;
  2. Foster enhanced collaboration and transformative partnerships among proactive, student-centered leaders from all levels of academia.

We’re passionate about the power of collaboration, and we believe in giving back to the sector by creating purposeful spaces that make it easier to find like-minded allies, unite around shared urgency, and take collective action to help more students. In that spirit, we’ll broaden our outreach this fall by creating an unprecedented space that equips our sector with the inspiration, resilience, strategy, and community needed to forge ahead regardless of what unfolds in the coming year.

Join Us at the UIA Summit

The UIA National Summit on Student Success Innovation is a carefully designed experience that serves as a platform for campus leaders, institutions, and systems from across higher education to cultivate innovative ideas, explore cutting-edge solutions, and equip participants with actionable knowledge and skills. We dedicate focused team time for planning and early implementation, ensuring that the momentum generated will endure long after the event concludes. Building on everything that we’ve learned since our first summit in 2018 (and from 10 years of internal UIA campus convenings), we believe this event will offer the best opportunity for people outside the UIA to step inside the circle and experience what our members love about this incredible community.

This year’s Summit will convene October 23-25 in Tempe, Arizona. Join us at the Omni Tempe Hotel at Arizona State University (ASU) for a dynamic event focused on driving innovation in student success. Here you will connect with thought leaders, educators, and innovators to explore cutting-edge strategies and best practices. Don't miss this opportunity to network, learn, and collaborate with peers from across the country.

The 2024 Summit coincides with the UIA’s tenth anniversary: ten years of building experiences that help campuses take action. We are designing this event to incorporate both learning and doing as you immerse yourselves in the inspiration and resilience that we all need. UIA Summits don't occur every year - so don't wait. We hope to see you at this one. 

For a taste of our previous Summit’s energy, positivity, and spirit, check out this highlight reel from 2018. (We still break out in smiles every time we watch this!)

Innovation is a Team Sport

We encourage you to bring your team. Over the past decade, we’ve found that teams are better able to learn together, build a plan together, see impact faster, and better position their institution for success. We offer registration options for teams of three or teams of five, and we recommend that you bring a team that’s most likely to embrace innovation, is best equipped for decision-making, and will have the biggest impact on student success at your institution.

We also invite you to participate in our pitch contest. This is an opportunity to find collaborators interested in working with you on solutions, and for presenting your pitch to potential funders who can secure resources in real time for your solutions. Participants in this event will have team time to identify potential solutions and a plan to pitch live in front of funders.


Registration is now open – and please know that, because we only hold a summit once every five years, it will sell out. Join us in Tempe, and let's work together to shape the future of student success!

For any questions about our upcoming event, please contact our event coordinator, Mary Elizabeth at

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