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Fresh From The UIA

Dr. Shonda Gibson, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at The Texas A&M
Dr. Shonda Gibson discusses what America needs from higher education, the challenges and rewards for a major university system, how to best serve returning students, and humility and perspective as leadership attributes.
Inside the University Innovation Lab
The University Innovation Lab has been up and running for a year. We review why we need this platform, how it contributes to student success, and the institution-wide benefits of membership. We invite you to experience a demo to get a feel for how the UI Lab can help your school innovate.
Lisa Vollendorf, The Innovating Together Podcast
Lisa Vollendorf, President of SUNY Empire State, discusses what shaped her as a leader, higher ed’s tendency toward elitism, how leaders and institutions can grow through traumatic events, and the value of being present and making the best possible impact.
Ten Years of Innovating Together
The year 2024 marks a decade of the University Innovation Alliance’s mission to revolutionize higher education. Join us in celebrating our successes, unpacking our ongoing challenges, and looking at how we plan to build on our accomplishments going forward.
Pitching Ideas That Scale, Innovating Together Podcast
Bridget Burns of the University Innovation Alliance and Doug Lederman of Inside Higher Ed discuss pitching scalable ideas from a place of commonality, respecting the time and interest of leaders at other institutions, owning and remediating mistakes, and speaking with a collective voice.
Garnett Stokes, The Innovating Together Podcast
Garnett Stokes, President of University of New Mexico, discusses the mindset of accepting new leadership challenges, the responsibilities of institutional leaders as employers, required skills for effective leadership, and navigating the small world of higher ed.
2023 UIA Gift Guide
The University Innovation Alliance offers a collection of gift ideas for higher ed leaders, including organizing tools, stress relief products, travel accessories, useful tech peripherals, and a few just-for-fun items.
Tim Renick, The Innovating Together Podcast
Tim Renick, Executive Director of the National Institute for Student Success at Georgia State University, discusses DFW rates and the accelerator model, the pandemic’s lingering impact on student success, the hurdles of institutional culture, and gauging a school’s readiness to implement change.
Chris Howard, The Innovating Together Podcast
Chris Howard, EVP and COO of Arizona State University, discusses how leadership is more than a title, what a president actually does, an early lesson from the military, and three books that helped him define his role.
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