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Fresh From the UIA (Student Success)

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The University Innovation Alliance relies on collaborative scale projects among member institutions to advance its mission and effectiveness. During 2023, the UIA made great strides on these four projects: Academic Recovery, Student-Centered Redesign, Listening Lab, and Doctoral Research Fellows.
UIA Annual Report
Celebrating the highlights of the UIA’s 2023 Annual Report, we look at increased degree completion rates, scale projects making the UIA an effective force for change, growing the University Innovation Lab, widening diffusion to the field, and the teams responsible for our ongoing success.
Ten Years of Innovating Together
The year 2024 marks a decade of the University Innovation Alliance’s mission to revolutionize higher education. Join us in celebrating our successes, unpacking our ongoing challenges, and looking at how we plan to build on our accomplishments going forward.
Tim Renick, The Innovating Together Podcast
Tim Renick, Executive Director of the National Institute for Student Success at Georgia State University, discusses DFW rates and the accelerator model, the pandemic’s lingering impact on student success, the hurdles of institutional culture, and gauging a school’s readiness to implement change.
Innovating Through Failure... and Success: The Innovating Together Podcast
Bridget Burns, University Innovation Alliance CEO, discusses higher ed's core design flaw, predictive analytics and at-risk students, chatbots, college-to-career best practices, completion grants, and innovating through failure.
2022 Annual Report: Blog #1
In the first of two blogs, the University Innovation Alliance celebrates its 2022 accomplishments. This installment reviews impact and scale of UIA initiatives, diffusion to the field through a variety of media platforms, and the invaluable partnerships that make their work possible.
Arne Duncan, Partnership & Policy for Academic Advising
Arne Duncan, former U.S. Secretary of Education, discusses the need for institutions to support student success, the need for government to encourage institutions in this effort, and the urgency for moving ahead with these initiatives.

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