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Wisdom Given and Received: Higher Ed Leaders Share Advice That’s Helped Them and Can Help You
The University Innovation Alliance revisits favorite conversations with higher ed leaders on the Innovating Together Podcast in a collection of the best career advice our guests have received, and what advice they most often share with tomorrow’s leaders.
Mark Milliron, The Innovating Together Podcast
Mark Milliron, National University President, of California, discusses his broad experience in leadership positions, the workings and role of a board of trustees no matter what the institution, and the ups and downs of leading actual people, the backbone of any organization.
Cindy Larive, The Innovating Together Podcast
Cindy Larive, University of California, Santa Cruz Chancellor, discusses how she went from avoiding to embracing administrative leadership, the pandemic's lessons about collaboration and community, and her view of what it will take to reenergize higher ed.
Freeman Hrabowski, The Innovating Together Podcast
Freeman Hrabowski, retiring President of University of Maryland, Baltimore County, discusses what he's learned over the years, what incoming leaders can expect from the current state of higher ed, and how they can best prepare themselves for the challenges of leadership.
Higher Education Leaders: Setting Intentions for 2022
As we look at January as a time for new beginnings to do things differently (or better), the University Innovation Alliance shares the wisdom of nine higher ed leaders. They talk about what inspires them, new initiatives they've started, and how they lead with intention.
10 Winter Break Reads for Higher Education Leaders
The University Innovation Alliance offers a list of inspiring winter break reads drawn from suggestions by higher ed leaders interviewed for the Innovating Together Podcast Series in 2020 and 2021.
12 Reasons Why Higher Ed Leaders Are Grateful
We'd love to share our favorite affirmations, shout-outs, and hat tips from college presidents and chancellors who, despite the challenges they experience throughout the year, always seem to lead with gratitude.
14 Ways Higher Ed Leaders Combat Burnout
Dr. Bridget Burns, Executive Director of the University Innovation Alliance, shares the wisdom of higher ed leaders as they discuss how focusing on self-care and also on their institution, students, and community can rejuvenate them in moments of burnout.
Kim Wilcox, The Innovating Together Podcast
Kim Wilcox, Chancellor of the University of California, Riverside, discusses the impact of alliances in higher education, the ideals and realities of collegiate athletics, and yet another surge in the COVID pandemic.

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