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A Gift Guide for Higher Ed Leaders Who Have Everything

A Gift Guide for Higher Ed Leaders Who Have Everything

Just in case we didn’t already have enough to think about, the season of gift-giving is upon us once again. And while the University Innovation Alliance (UIA) is known for institution-sized thinking and future-forward ideas for higher education, we’re also a collection of individual people with individual passions, preferences, and day-to-day needs. With that in mind, we’ve combed through the “Stuff We Love” section of our monthly newsletter to offer the year’s best gift ideas for our colleagues – or even for ourselves.

Focus Your Thinking
Inspired leadership relies on data and scheduling. If you need a bit of help dotting your I’s, crossing your T’s, and keeping those ducks in a row, may we suggest…?

Be Your Best Self
Leadership is rewarding and fulfilling as we work to better the lives of our students, staff, and community, but moving the needle can be stressful, and stress takes its toll on body and mind. Here are a few personal care products to make your own life a little easier:

Travel in Style
While many higher ed leaders are rooted in a specific campus, if not chained to their desk, many others are on the road attending meetings, visiting different institutions, or actively pursuing innovations and solutions. We recommend a few basic tools to support those grand excursions.

Hi-Tech Convenience
Sure, technology can be impersonal and a bit scary as we try to maintain a human face in our work, but sometimes those little tech assists can be oh so helpful.

You Do You
Gravitas and respectability are well and good, but higher ed leaders are human, too. And as such, they may have a secret (or not so secret) goofy side. So here are a few suggestions for that disruptive inner child:

  • Wear these light-up shoes to your next Zoom meeting and amuse yourself privately!
  • Blend art and functionality with a TimePiece Calendar.
  • The best slime on the market makes for excellent fidget toys during all-staff meetings. (Pro Tip: This brand sells out each Friday when it goes live; try the “Cloud” texture).
  • Upgrade your workspace with a surprisingly affordable custom neon sign.
  • Need a fun and satisfying puzzle game for downtimes? Of course you do!
  • Sometimes you just need to make your own ice cream at home or in your office!

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