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Scholarship to Practice 9/16/21 - Don Pope-Davis

Bridget Burns, Executive Director of the University Innovation Alliance, and Derrick Tillman-Kelly, Director of UIA's Fellows Program and Network Engagement, speak with Dr. Don Pope-Davis, Dean of the College of Education and Human Ecology at Ohio State University. A leader who is passionate about using higher education to address issues of equity, economic growth, and the psychological well-being of educators and students, Dr. Pope-Davis discusses OSU's Dean’s Diversity Postdoctoral Fellows Program, the thinking and groundwork that led to its development, and preparing a campus culture for any large-scale diversity initiative. Topics include:

  • How diversity hiring doesn't always guarantee diversity retention
  • Building in the diversity before starting the Diversity Postdoc Program
  • Starting the conversation for cultural change within an institution
  • How smaller colleges can launch successful diversity hiring programs
  • Institutional behavior and institutional accountability

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