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Scholarship to Practice 3/25/21 - Gaye Theresa Johnson

Bridget Burns, Executive Director of the University Innovation Alliance, and Derrick Tillman-Kelly, Director of UIA's Fellows Program and Network Engagement, speak with Dr. Gaye Theresa Johnson, associate professor at University of California, Los Angeles. She discusses community-engaged scholarship, an area of study focusing on the sensitive interface between an institution of higher learning and the real-world, non-academic community that exists just outside the gate – and why proactive leadership is critical in how they engage. Topics include:

  • What community-engaged scholarship is
  • How academic leaders should (and shouldn't) engage with communities
  • Spatial entitlement and representation for BIPOC members of academia
  • The beloved community vs. the culture of incarceration
  • A starting point for proactive leadership in community engagement

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