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Weekly Wisdom 006 - Shirley Collado

Bridget Burns, Executive Director of the University Innovation Alliance, and Jeff Selingo, author, columnist, and special advisor at Arizona State University, are inviting insight and experiences from presidents and chancellors of universities navigating the challenge in real-time. The sixth guest is Dr. Shirley Collado, the president of Ithaca College since 2017, and a trustee of Vanderbilt University.

How Is She Holding Up?

During these crazy times brought about by the outbreak, Dr. Shirley describes it as by far one of the most challenging moments of her career. She carries the weight of enormous decisions that need to be carried out in a collaborative way for the public good in a shifting market.

Despite the situation, Dr. Collado says that she’s beyond blessed to be in a fantastic institution that has made the journey both incredible and bearable.

As A Leader, How Is She Navigating And Making Big Decisions Amid The Outbreak?

She states that Ithaca College decided to follow data-driven, science-based, methodical approaches diligently. Her team is slowly restructuring the entire academic year because they want to be aligned with the guidelines and restrictions implemented in New York. Also, they want the students and their parents to feel safe, knowing that the institution presents them with a well thought of strategy and plan.

What Does She Think Of Planning In The Midst Of ‘Unknowns’ Because Of COVID-19?

According to Dr. Shirley, you can’t create plans that are static and rigid. These plans have to be relevant and have a sense of urgency that instills a feeling of empowerment as opposed to building a program around fear or deficits.

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