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Weekly Wisdom 010 - Harold L. Martin

Bridget Burns, Executive Director of the University Innovation Alliance, and Jeff Selingo, author, columnist, and special advisor at Arizona State University, are inviting insight and experiences from presidents and chancellors of universities navigating the challenge in real-time. The tenth guest is Chancellor Harold L. Martin from North Carolina, Agricultural and Technical State University.

Advice For His Counterparts Across The Country

Harold Martin states that the members of the faculty, staff, and the students of the university are all expecting calmness and leadership. He said that he could hold up well because of his nature and personality. He shares that the problems we are facing now are a moving target, and we have to be smart and strategic when it comes to pushing through with the contingency plans you have set. Learn to pivot when making critical decisions.

Make sure to have open and frank discussions with the students and engage with them even through social media.

Experiences That Has Helped Him Now

Through his experiences, he has learned that taking on challenges head-on is always the most effective way. It is also essential, he says, to respect the opinions and emotions of faculty and staff. To solve complex issues, you have to have the courage to listen to other people's problems and queries.

How Is Higher Education Going To Change In The Long-run

Online programs are here to stay, he says. He sees that his university will continue to fill-in more online services for their students. There are a variety of lessons that could be done if we maximize what technology has to offer. It is best to give the students the right tools to help them adapt to this change.

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