Weekly Wisdom 1/30/23 - Valerie Sheares Ashby

Bridget Burns, CEO of the University Innovation Alliance, and Doug Lederman, Editor and Co-Founder of Inside Higher Ed, speak with Dr. Valerie Sheares Ashby, who recently assumed the role of president at University of Maryland, Baltimore County. President Sheares Ashby talks about becoming UMBC's first new leader in decades, the nature of servant leadership, how higher ed can shape the future, and how self-care is vital in doing her work effectively. Topics include:

  • The most effective way that outgoing leaders can make their departure easier¬†for their successor and their institution
  • Positive examples and lessons for leadership
  • The critical need for inclusive excellence at all levels of higher ed
  • The day-to-day importance of staying grounded while pursuing visionary work
  • Shared wisdom and reading recommendations for higher ed leaders

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