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Weekly Wisdom 7/17/23 - Mark Milliron

Bridget Burns, CEO of the University Innovation Alliance, and Doug Lederman, Editor and Co-Founder of Inside Higher Ed, speak with Dr. Mark Milliron, president of National University. As someone who's served at a variety of higher education institutions and nonprofits, as well as on corporate boards, President Milliron joins the Weekly Wisdom Podcast to share his broad experience in leadership positions, the workings and role of a board of trustees no matter what the institution, and the ups and downs of leading actual people, the backbone of any organization. Topics include:

  • The role of serendipity, curiosity, and service in shaping his career trajectory
  • Lessons learned from serving on at least 30 boards
  • How the human factor can be the greatest challenge and greatest reward in any organization
  • Six nuggets of leadership wisdom, from big strategies to daily mindfulness
  • Recommended reading for leaders

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