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Fresh From the UIA (Books)

10 Winter Break Reads for Higher Education Leaders
The University Innovation Alliance offers a list of inspiring winter break reads drawn from suggestions by higher ed leaders interviewed for the Innovating Together Podcast Series in 2020 and 2021.
Kim Wilcox, The Innovating Together Podcast
Kim Wilcox, Chancellor of the University of California, Riverside, discusses the impact of alliances in higher education, the ideals and realities of collegiate athletics, and yet another surge in the COVID pandemic.
Summer Beach Reads for Higher Ed Leaders
Dr. Bridget Burns, Executive Director of the University Innovation Alliance, offers a list of inspiring beach reads drawn from suggestions by higher ed leaders interviewed during the past year's Innovating Together Podcast series.
Mark Becker, The Innovating Together Podcast
Mark Becker, President of Georgia State University, discusses the best mindset for leadership, how elevating the entire institution is a measure of personal success, and the ongoing need for education at any stage in one's career.

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