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Fresh From the UIA (Communication)

Chatbots & AI in Higher Ed
The University Innovation Alliance partnered with The Chronicle of Higher Education in a panel discussion on chatbots and AI for engaging students and strengthening universities. Guests included Tim Renick, Michael Berman, Drew Magliozzi, Dawn Medley, and Aashir Nasim.
More Leadership Advice for the New Academic Year
The University Innovation Alliance offers another collection of wisdom for higher education leaders about to start the new academic year. Topics include COVID readiness, communication, learning about leadership on the job, and putting students first.
James Kvaal, The Innovating Together Podcast
James Kvaal, U.S. Under Secretary of Education, discusses leadership at the federal level, understanding the perspectives of advocates from outside the government, and the critical details of what it takes to be an effective communicator.
Michael Sorrell, The Innovating Together Podcast
Michael Sorrell, President of Paul Quinn College, discusses adapting to the long haul of the pandemic, best practices for focusing on and pursuing what truly matters to an institution and the ed sector at large, and identifying the path forward that will benefit the most people.
Ana Mari Cauce, The Innovating Together Podcast
Dr. Ana Mari Cauce, Washington State University President, shares how deep familiarity with her institution and U.W.'s passion for community and innovation are guiding her through the COVID-19 pandemic and the national movement for equity and social justice.
Marcia Ballinger, The Innovating Together Podcast
Dr. Marcia Ballinger, Lorain County Community College President, discusses supporting student needs during the COVID-19 pandemic while positioning community colleges to remain agents of regional and national economic recovery in the coming decade.
Harold Martin, The Innovating Together Podcast
Dr. Harold L. Martin, Sr., North Carolina A&T University Chancellor, discusses tactical leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic and the George Floyd protests through the lens of an H.B.C.U. whose student activism goes back to the early days of the Civil Rights Movement.

Before the global pandemic, the UIA launched a project to scale the use of chatbot technology to support student success. We wanted to understand how artificial intelligence like chatbots could improve access to information in areas like admissions, financial aid, and student services. As it turns out, in this time of COVID-19, UIA campuses that participated in the chatbot project have found their chatbots particularly helpful in keeping students up-to-date on health information and policy changes.

Covid 19 Remote Learning

At the UIA, we’re committed to eliminating gaps in college attainment by race and income. While equity in higher education is the focus of our work, the COVID-19 crisis has broken longstanding systemic inequities wide open for all to see. Coverage in the New York Times and the Atlantic highlights how the pandemic disproportionately affects the most vulnerable students on college campuses. 

Beyond the Final Four

When Villanova’s Kris Jenkins hit a three-pointer at the buzzer to win the men’s NCAA basketball championship last month, the nation erupted in cheers. America loves an underdog, and Villanova — a small private school competing against perennial powerhouse North Carolina — wasn’t expected to win. The championship was their first in 31 years and just their second in history.

Underdog stories are inspiring in college athletics because we love to see ordinary people achieve extraordinary success through hard work and determination. And in sports, there can only be one champion.

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