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Welcome to innovating together, a podcast produced by the University Innovation Alliance. This is a podcast for busy people in higher education who are looking for the “aha moments” that can propel their work forward. Innovating Together curates the best insights, research, and experts.

Bridget Burns, CEO of the University Innovation Alliance, and Ian Wilhelm, Assistant Managing Editor of The Chronicle of Higher Education, speak with Tim Renick, Executive Director, National Institute for Student Success (NISS) at Georgia State University. Dr. Renick talks about DFW rates and the accelerator model, the pandemic’s lingering impact on student success, the hurdles of institutional culture, and gauging a school’s readiness to implement change. Topics include:

  • How the accelerator model began as emergency remediation during the pandemic

  • The first steps for using data to determine student success

  • How faculty might rethink their instructional approaches to foster student success
  • Improving procedural efficiency to better utilize a college’s resources

Bridget Burns, CEO of the University Innovation Alliance, and Doug Lederman, Editor and Co-Founder of Inside Higher Ed, speak with Dr. Chris Howard, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Arizona State University on the Weekly Wisdom Podcast. Dr. Howard talks about how leadership is more than a title, what a president actually does, an early lesson from the military, and three books that helped him define his role. Topics include:

  • The natural shift from leadership to administrative team member
Looking behind the curtain at a college president's day-to-day
Dr. Howard’s mantra: “lead, serve, grow”
  • Wisdom from Malcolm X, Warren Bennis, and Stanley McChrystal

Bridget Burns, CEO of the University Innovation Alliance, and Candice Staples, the UIA’s Senior Director of Alliance Engagement, speak with Dr. Becky Takeda-Tinker, President of Colorado State University Global on the Weekly Wisdom Podcast. President Takeda-Tinker shares her thoughts about higher ed for working adults, how university leaders must balance positivity and assertiveness, and the increasing role of data in running an institution and in leadership decisions. Topics include:

  • Her own leadership as a legacy of her father’s hard work and determination
  • How to lead through human connection while demanding accountability
  • Relying on data in responding to the needs of students who are working adults
  • Leadership through communication, inclusion, grit, and joy

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