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Ronita Walker

Ronita Walker

UIA Fellow

Dr. Ronita Walker is the University Innovation Alliance Project Coordinator and Fellow at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). Dr. Walker is a Sociologist who utilizes an equity lens to guide her sociological courses, research, policies and program development. During her career in higher education, Dr. Walker has served in numerous capacities advancing the work of student success initiatives and college accessibility. Her experience in higher education has supported a wide range of higher education functional areas including; research assistance, student recruitment, admissions, campus life, advising, student development, and cohort retention strategies. 

Dr. Walker believes that education is a great equalizer and one of the many pathways that can be used to create socioeconomic mobility for limited-income students. Dr. Walker's work is guided by her philosophy that every student has a unique gift or passion that deserves to be supported, fostered, developed, and explored.

Dr. Walker has a B.A in Psychology, M.A in Sociology and a Ph.D in Organizational Leadership. As a first generation college student, Dr. Walker is truly passionate about creating pathways, initiatives and success strategies to improve college accessibility for historically underrepresented students and their families. 

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